Sartori Montamore Cheese

Like a new romance, this sweet, creamy, and fruity cheese finishes with a playful bite. Prepare to fall in love. This is one of our most popular selling cheeses! We call this Cheese “Cheese Heaven” and it is …the Sartori Family has been making Cheese in Wisconsin for 3 generations and this Cheddar is top shelf, a white cheddar with hints of fruit and buttery Swiss that finishes with a very slight grainy finish like a parmesan.

From the Sartori Reserve Collection this finely crafted cheese either Cheddar that tastes like Parmesan or Parmesan that tastes like Cheddar.   It’s truly indescribable, but we know you’ll fall in love with this creamy, white wonder.

This is sold in an 7 oz package.


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